Results : Reduce our Grocery Spending

Here is where you will find the summary of our progress for our Mission : Reduce our Grocery Spending. By clicking on the links in the table below, you can view the posts detailing each update on our progress.

Note that this grid is no longer updated as I stopped tracking on the blog in December 2019 since I was happy with the current results.

In the last column I’ve included our monthly expenses in our other food categories of spending (Lunch + Restaurant/Fastfood). These will be updated after each month to allow us to see if we are spending more in those categories or ideally also lowering these expenses thanks to better planning. The monthly average for 2017 in those categories was $327.

2019 Grocery Results

Week StartsGrocery Spent this WeekTotal Grocery for 2019New Weekly AverageMonthly Average for Lunch/Restaurants/Fastfood
2 December 2019$141.16$9396$192 $310/month (as of December 1st)
25 November 2019$166.16$9255$193 $319/month (as of November 1st)
18 November 2019$226.83$8862$193 $319/month (as of November 1st)
11 November 2019$268.65$8862$193 $319/month (as of November 1st)
4 November 2019$135.04$8593$191 $319/month (as of November 1st)
28 October 2019$127.95$8458$192 $307/month (as of October 1st)
21 October 2019$458.58$8330$194 $307/month (as of October 1st)
14 October 2019$232.30$7872$187 $307/month (as of October 1st)
7 October 2019$116.44$7639$186 $307/month (as of October 1st)
30 September 2019$123.77$7523$188 $290/month (as of September 1st)
23 September 2019$228.35$7399$190 $290/month (as of September 1st)
16 September 2019$193.23$7171$189 $290/month (as of September 1st)
9 September 2019$129.73$6978$189 $290/month (as of September 1st)
2 September 2019$55.55$6848$190 $290/month (as of September 1st)
26 August 2019$243.70$6792$194 $291/month (as of August 1st)
19 August 2019$139.81$6549$193 $291/month (as of August 1st)
12 August 2019$86.84$6408$194 $291/month (as of August 1st)
5 August 2019$246.49$6322$198 $291/month (as of August 1st)
29 July 2019$279.95$6076$196 $297/month (as of July 1st)
 22 July 2019 $550.20 $5796 $193  $297/month (as of July 1st)
15 July 2019$194.61$5245$180 $297/month (as of July 1st)
8 July 2019$137.74$5051$180 $297/month (as of July 1st)
1 July 2019$105.54$4913$182$297/month (as of July 1st)
24 June 2019$206.68$4808$185 $257/month (as of June 1st)
17 June 2019$132.24$4600$184 $257/month (as of June 1st)
10 June 2019$155.08$4469$186 $257/month (as of June 1st)
3 June 2019$163.62$4314$188$257/month (as of June 1st)
27 May 2019$184.81$4150$189 $271/month (as of May 1st)
20 May 2019$174.21$3965$189 $271/month (as of May 1st)
13 May 2019$135.96$3791$190 $271/month (as of May 1st)
6 May 2019$578.77 (Costco)$3655$192$271/month (as of May 1st)
29 April 2019$217.91$3076$171$271/month (as of May 1st)
22 April 2019$128.22$2858$168$265/month (as of April 1st)
15 April 2019$287.36$2730$171$265/month (as of April 1st)
8 April 2019$78.60$2443$163$265/month (as of April 1st)
1 April 2019$197.25$2364$169$265/month (as of April 1st)
25 March 2019$155.73$2167$167$215/month (as of March 1st)
18 March 2019$118.27$2011$168$215/month (as of March 1st)
11 March 2019$115.20$1893$172$215/month (as of March 1st)
4 March 2019$141.67$1778$178$215/month (as of March 1st)
25 February 2019$492.20$1634$182$178/month (total spent in January)
18 February 2019$109.23$1144$143$178/month (total spent in January)
11 February 2019$240.16$1035$148$178/month (total spent in January)
4 February 2019$157.70$794$132$178/month (total spent in January)
28 January 2019$74.41$637$127$301/month (as of January 1st)
21 January 2019$161.30$562$141$301/month (as of January 1st)
14 January 2019$135.77$401$134$301/month (as of January 1st)
7 January 2019$174.71$265$133$301/month (as of January 1st)
1 January 2019$90.45$90$90$301/month (as of January 1st)

2018 Grocery Results

Week StartsGrocery Spent this WeekTotal Grocery for 2018New Weekly AverageMonthly Average for Lunch/Restaurants/Fastfood
2018Final Number$11,598$219$301/month
31 December 2018$127.00$11,598$219$294/month (as of December 1st)
24 December 2018$101.37$11,471$221$294/month (as of December 1st)
17 December 2018$277.54$11,370$223$294/month (as of December 1st)
10 December 2018$475.57$11,092$222$294/month (as of December 1st)
3 December 2018$101.64$10,617$217$294/month (as of December 1st)
26 November 2018$119.86$10,515$219$281/month (as of November 1st)
19 November 2018$176.83$10,395$221$281/month (as of November 1st)
12 November 2018$84.03$10,219$226$281/month (as of November 1st)
5 November 2018$173.24$10,135$225$281/month (as of November 1st)
29 October 2018$97.37$9,961$226$280/month (as of October 1st)
22 October 2018$88.94$9,864$229$280/month (as of October 1st)
15 October 2018$37.05$9,775$233$280/month (as of October 1st)
8 October 2018$147.29$9,738$237$280/month (as of October 1st)
1 October 2018$131.97$9,591$240$280/month (as of October 1st)
24 September 2018$363.04$9,459$243$270/month (as of September 1st)
17 September 2018$117.07$9,095$239$270/month (as of September 1st)
10 September 2018$180.06$8,978$243$270/month (as of September 1st)
3 September 2018$107.52$8,798$244$270/month (as of September 1st)
27 August 2018$132.62$8,691$248$293/month (as of August 1st)
20 August 2018$98.34$8,558$252$293/month (as of August 1st)
Launch of missionN/A$8,460$256$293/month (as of August 1st)


Our Grocery Shopping Plan is:

  • Prepare a weekly menu according to sales by consulting our price book as well as the list of best prices prepared by the On Magasine website. The preparation will be done every Wednesday or Thursday when most new flyers are available on Flipp.
  • Prepare a shopping list from our menu thanks to ‘’Keep’’ and ‘’Flipp’’ by consulting what is missing in our inventory and fridge, and also consult Lili on Magasine  to print out any coupon that may apply and the PC Optimum app in order to identify the savings that could be useful or that should be saved for the next week.
  • Price-Match: use price-match as much as possible. Thanks to the menu planning as well as the list, the items to price-match should already be identified in Flipp.
  • Always visit the discounted item shelves especially for produce (tip I got from the interview of Frugal Gene on the Fire Drill Podcast ).
  • Use the invoices to get any Checkout 51 or Caddle discounts.
  • For the first few months, keep all invoices to track every spending to identify issues and to update our price book.
  • Write down on a magnetic list on the fridge any food we waste as soon as we put it in the compost.
  • Finally, publish on the blog regular updates of our weekly spending as well as our new weekly average for 2018 in order to track our progress.