A Refreshing Take on FI/FIRE to Focus on What You Truly Want From This Journey.

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Get Expert Guidance to Live a Fulfilling Life Now While Securing Your Progress towards FI/FIRE.

Do you feel torn between living your best life now and securing your financial future? 

You’re not alone. Many on the FI/FIRE path struggle with these dilemmas where they find themselves asking:

Am I doing enough? Are my savings adequate? Have I cut back enough? Are my expenses in line with my goals? Am I truly on track to reach FI in 10 years or my desired timeline?

Yet, am I sacrificing present joy for a future goal that still feels distant? I’ve been on this journey for a while now… can I sustain this pace? Would it be that detrimental to my goal to spend $5000 for a family vacation? Am I missing out on moments with my kids, pursuing hobbies, or creating meaningful experiences with friends and family?

These are decisions that can weigh heavily on your mind as you progress on your path to financial independence. It’s natural to question if the trade-offs are worth it, especially after years of commitment. But here’s where I come in. 

My coaching program is designed to help you find your balance and navigate these dilemmas. Together, we’ll:

  • Develop good financial habits that align with your ideal life
  • Create a long-term plan that’s not just about the numbers, but about what truly matters to you
  • Overcome the fears and worries that are holding you back

I’ll show you how to enjoy life today while still making progress on your road to FI. Whether it’s Coast-FI, semi-retirement, or splurging on things you love, I’ll help you find the right option that creates the perfect balance for you.

Don’t let fear and worry dictate your financial decisions. Live a fulfilling life now while feeling confident you are creating security for your financial future.

Hi. I’m Mel! Over the last decade, I embarked on my own financial independence journey. At a certain point, I realized that pursuing financial independence (FI) didn’t mean that I had to sprint toward the finish line.

At that time, I already had a clear vision of what I wanted my life to look like once I was FI. Through the right support and action steps, including turning to the FI community and seeking guidance from those further along this path, the timeline towards my goals completely shifted.

This support helped me gain a refreshing perspective on my FI journey, discovering opportunities I hadn’t yet considered thanks to reflecting on the things that truly matter to me. These steps allowed me to find a path forward that is the best for myself and my unique life. 

The financial freedom I built as I worked toward FI allowed me to start a business and eventually leave my 9-to-5 and transition to a semi-retired lifestyle before reaching full FI. This allowed me to achieve my vision much sooner than I would have had I waited to be fully financially independent.

Most importantly, making this leap into semi-retirement will not compromise my goal of reaching FI (and fully retiring early, if I decide I want to). Even with this change, I am currently on track to reach full FI by my mid-40s.

Throughout the last several years of running my business as a financial coach, Ive had the pleasure of working with many clients on their journey towards financial independence. I’ve seen the unique challenges they face and have helped them overcome obstacles to living the life they truly want.

What You Need to Balance Your Present & Future:

You likely already know how to crunch your numbers, having been immersed and even obsessed with your FI/FIRE goals for months, perhaps years now. However, sometimes, we’re so close to our own story that we can’t see all of the other options that are in front of us.

Working with me allows you to evaluate your FI path from a whole different and refreshing viewpoint. It gives you the opportunity to fully examine all the different paths you could take and find the ones that feel the best for you. You’ll have someone who’s been on this journey that gets you, providing insights and understanding. Plus, you’ll have a safe space to examine the goals you have for yourself and talk about money in a way that you can’t with anyone else.

Feeling torn between living your best life now and securing your financial future is a common struggle for many on the FI/FIRE path. It can feel like wanting FI means sacrificing other desires, like travel, time with family, splurging, and going out with friends. These conflicting feelings can lead to burnout, questioning if this is what you really want, and feeling like you’re missing out on life today.

I’m here to help you navigate these conflicting goals with the benefit of a refreshing perspective for your FI journey. I’ll guide you to discover opportunities you haven’t yet considered and push you to reflect on what truly matters to you.Together, we’ll find a path forward that aligns with your unique life, for the right balance allowing you to have the things you love and enjoy while still progressing towards financial independence.

Get the support that will allow you to bring back the focus on what you truly want on this journey!


About Your Financial Coach

Mel is a financial coach. She is an expert in helping individuals, couples and families pay off debt, create budgets, and design their own financial independence roadmaps. 

Over the last decade, her own family progressed from a negative net worth to achieve over 80% of their target financial independence number. Mel considers that she has already built her ideal life, working only 20 hours per week on her passion business and less in the summer, allowing her plenty of space to balance out the things that matter most to her.

In her financial coaching, she utilizes the skills and knowledge from her trilingual Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and career as a Senior Business Analyst in the Canadian Federal Government. She has a compassionate and positive approach to finances to facilitate optimal learning and sustainable progress.

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