Take control of your finances with a clear and simple personalized plan.

Are you looking to feel in control of your money? Let’s create a plan that aligns with your desires and goals, from paying down your debt, to increasing your savings and / or designing your own plan to move you towards financial independence while increasing your freedom along the way. 

Through a judgement free and simple process, I help you be accountable and guide you through the steps that will help you make progress and reach your goals. 

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    Coaching is right for you if:

    • You’ve tried things to get your finances in order or to prepare your FI plan, however something comes up and you find yourself back on autopilot. 
    • You’re feeling stuck when trying to identify the next steps that are right for your own financial circumstances and those of your family.
    • You would like a new approach to managing your finances that makes you feel in control.
    • You’re looking for clear feedback and direction to help get you working on the right tasks to make concrete progress.

    How does coaching work?

    Working with me gives you:

    • Clear insight of the money you have left once you paid off your essential costs.
    • A concrete plan to make your shorter & longer term goals happen.
    • Projections to know the time and money required to achieve your objectives of paying off debt and saving money for clear goals. 
    • A personalized and judgement free process to make sure that we are working together at your pace.
    • The comfort around the subject of money which often feels taboo and the confidence to ask questions and discuss the issues that feel more difficult to approach.
    • Clarity on the levers you can pull to adjust your spending to make sure it aligns with your values.
    • An accountability system that helps you aim for precise effort that is well directed to make the time you do have to work on improving your finances highly efficient.

    In my financial journey, my life has transformed a lot. I’ve seen that different life circumstances change our financial focus. 

    The financial tips and strategies need to be implemented with a personal focus and that is why it is so important to adapt all of the knowledge and tools to your life, your objectives for the future and your current circumstances..

    Coaching Program

    How is my coaching program structured & what your role will be:

    • Over a 4 to 8 months period, we will meet for a total of 8 virtual calls of 1h each.
    • You will have personalized action steps to accomplish between our sessions.
    • Together we will use personalised tools in order to build a full actionable plan.
    • I’m available between the sessions for questions & accountability.

    This time will allow us to work together to help you build efficient habits, ensure we are addressing your challenges and identifying the appropriate solutions to support you in your trajectory.

    Pricing :

    4 payments of 487$ or a single payment of 1750$ (a 10% discount)

    If you have a quick question you can book a 30 minute coaching session.

    Ready to get started and apply for coaching with me? Sign up below:

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      Richie from Sydney
      After recently going through a divorce I knew that it was time to rethink my money habits, life goals and what I wanted to get out of the next chapter of my life. I discovered FIRE, but found that Slow-FI really resonated with me so I could also enjoy more of life. I reached out for coaching because I have always been a good saver and frugal, but a bad tracker and felt like it was too difficult to track and too much effort. I also wanted to learn more about FIRE and the different paths that I could take to change my life and go after things like slow travel and geo-arbitrage.

      I felt stuck in knowing which path to take and believing that I could do this. Also, having the confidence that this could actually work and I could do it. I needed a plan and roadmap that I could follow.

      We’re only halfway through with the program and I feel like I have made some huge progress in getting clarity on what I want my life to look like, tracking my numbers for the first time and belief that I can actually do this! I know that there is no one path to FI and that I am building my own path which is exciting. 

      Thank you again, I am really loving our calls and coaching and I am already amazed at how much I’ve changed in only the couple of months that we have been working together.

      @aliciapettitt Social Fashion Influencer
      I reached out for coaching as I found myself at a crossroads when needing to make a request to my employer. I was feeling fear in myself and uncertainty on how to approach the situation.

      Through the work we did together, my level of confidence greatly increased. The tools and tracking methods you showed me were fantastic in creating the right roadmap for my circumstances. 

      The coaching has been way more valuable than I could anticipate, leading me to completely new and better opportunities. My confidence in my ability to face changing circumstances and my knowledge of my worth as an employee have gone through a unique transformation. 

      You’ve really been a huge help!