Modest Millionaires Progress

Our goal is to reach financial independence by 2025 when we plan on having a total investment value of $1,250,000(CAD) (approximately $1,000,000 USD). We aim on spending between $45,000 and $50,000(CAD) yearly (or between $35,000 & $38,800 in USD).

On this page you will find a short summary of our progress in terms of our investment value and our level of expenses, as well as all the links to posts detailing progress updates.

Brief history of the value or our investment and where we stand in comparison to our 2025 plan:

Month/YearObjective 2025 PlanActual Total Value of Investment
January 2015$240,000 (US$186,000)$262,996 (US$203,690)
January 2016$303,969 (US$235,728)$284,868 (US$220,915)
January 2017$446,149 (US$345,765)$427,223 (US$330,884)We decide to pay off our mortgage at that moment by withdrawing about $100 000 from our TFSAs
July 2017$485,500 (US$375,971)$353,131 (US$273,755)With a house fully paid as well 🙂
January 2018$525,055 (US$405,725)$447,220 (US$345,580)
January 2019$609,678
March 2019$624,000
July 2019$653,620

(We do not include the value of our house in our investment assets)

History of our spending compared to our objectives:

YearSpending ObjectiveActual SpendingNotes
2015$45,000 (US$35,000)$44,321 (US$34,402)
2016$45,000 (US$35,000)$49,463 (US$38,393)
mid-2017$45,000 (US$35,000)*$54,975 (US$42,671)**Prediction based on spending up until July*
2017$45,000 (US$35,000)$55,959 (US$43,245)
2018$45,000 (US$35,000)$55,119 (US$42,000)
mid-2019$48,000 (US$36,300)*$50,601 (US$38,266)*Prediction based on spending up until July*

 All posts detailing progress updates: